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I know the day-care search is tough “where will I put my kid” “will he be loved” “will they make sure he is ok, and safe” all the natural worries…
After seeing tens of nurseries (all the “big” names plus a few others), I accidentally found Kids Spot through a google search and immediately called them. I felt that my search was over the minute I spoke with the owner

– By Nohad

Sending my son to day care was hard, very hard – but finding Kids Spot was a HUGE relief.

– By Zeina

Just enrolled my daughter and the settling in period went by so well. The attentiveness and care is very obvious i cant wait to see how she will change and how much she will learn! already love the place and staff!!!

– By new mom

Have 2 girls in the nursery, and Kids Spot was the best decision we made for them. Great staff, great activities, and great facilities. Very impressed by what the team offers, and the kids are very excited to go to the nursery every day.

– By Ziad

we absolutely love the nursery and everything in it. couldn’t ask for more. highly recommended

– By Jads mom

Amazing staff and lovely ambience, Kids Spot is the place to be!

– By Rana

Kids Spot Nursery in Dubai never failed to surprise us with the Wide variety of educational and fun activities that made the kids wanting to go everyday !
Experienced staff, clean and Safe environment! Highly recommended!

– By SaraH

I was moving him due to concerns with the previous nursery. I was worried about how he would deal with the change. It warms my heart to see how happy my baby boy is and excited to go to his nursery! Thank you Kids Spot

– By Waad

It is a ” feel at home” environment.. Great and safe experience for my kids. We r so happy when we saw that the staff is well experienced and knows how to deal with the little ones. Kids Spot offers a variety of activities, some for fun, some are educational and others are intellectual and creative. The design of the daycare is very special and comforting. I advise every parent to enroll his kid at Kids Spot. Best of Luck to you all. Kids Spot keep up the good work, we love you..

– By MotherA

In a nutshell; both me and my wife go to work will a complete peace of mind, knowing that both our children are in a genuine nursery, with genuine management and people. Besides that, we are very impressed with what the kids are learning while playing.. Excellent prep for school.. Kids spot, a dream come true.

– By Mohammed