Kindergarten School in Dubai

Kindergarten School Dubai

Kindergarten, also known as KG, is one of the most recognized forms of child education before the first grade. It is crucial to emphasize on creativity and learning aspects through activities such as singing, drawing, coloring, and playing outside. These activities help children to move from the informal and unstructured home setting to the school environment and get an experience of social interaction to develop communication skills.

Even though Kindergarten in Dubai is meant for children younger than six years of age, depending on the location and regulations, it can span from ages two to seven.

Let Us Sow the Seeds of Future

When your kid joins our kindergarten in Dubai, a shift from basic learning of specific subject language and mathematics occurs which leads to a more skills-based approach. At Kids Spot Nursery, we ensure the development of emotional, social, personal, creative, language, and questioning skills of our young learners.

We offer early stage British curriculum to provide a wider spectrum of opportunities which help them thrive in the educational world. We encourage a rich approach full of experiences that cater to the individual needs of every kid. Our methodologies are designed to nurture little tots and help them prosper in every aspect.

As one of the best kindergarten school in Dubai, we boast facilities that treat every kid as per his or her capabilities. We have interactive mediums to provide high standard exposure. Our interactive learning and multimedia equipment give a chance to experience IT at very tender age. Our secure and safe play area help in the physical development of your child. We make learning a fun activity by providing a resource center, art and music area, dance room and outdoor gardening facilities.

Why Kindergarten is Necessary

It is a general schooling with interactive methods before the first grade, refers to playgroups or nurseries. Kindergarten provides oriented care during childcare hours.

Focused Prime Areas

  • Language and communication skills
  • Healthy physical development
  • Construction of meaningful social, emotional and personal attributes

Focused Specific Areas

  • International standard literacy
  • Understanding mathematics
  • Perception development of the World
  • Arts and design expression

Kids Spot Nursery primary curriculum specifically aims to deliver an extensive learning experience and promotes a unique variety of approaches to learning. Your child will be able to nurture in all dimensions including moral, spiritual, emotional, cognitive, social, imaginative, and physical.

A thematic approach with significant cross connections of day-to-day activities makes learning at our kindergarten school in Dubai interesting and long lasting.