Play School in Dubai

Play School in Dubai

When toddlers start playing with blocks, musical toys, and similar items, their sensorial nerves help them acquire problem-solving skills. It is the most joyful way to give an early start of the meaningful world. Our play school in Dubai utilizes the EYFS that is customized to this generation and the owners ideology to make the most crucial resource thrive with success.

The earliest years are the most influential and the brain is capable of absorbing, learning, and development themes at this age. Instruction delivered through activities at our play school in Dubai can maximize participation and creativity, such as playing with plaster, building blocks, colors, and getting to spend time in the playground or playhouse.

How We Provide Early Learning Through Play

Our rooms are designed to replicate the loving space of your home with the opportunity to learn, play, and grow. We strive to strengthen a bond with your kids that will surely make them feel secure, safe and loved at the Kids Spot Nursery.

Although aspects such as counting till ten using fingers, identifying letters and listening to stories are part of the learning process, most of our programs are based on fun activities. At our play school in Dubai, we allow kids to progress at their own pace with our guidance

The importance of play and team-based interactions will also help to infuse the value of creativity and imagination in children at the earliest stages.

Parental Involvement in Our Play School

Our play school in Dubai offers an interactive and welcoming environment. Our instructors and teachers work with each infant and his or her parents to assist a smooth transition.

Due to the children’s age and their excessive early attachment to their parents, we offer occasional activities in which parents join us and play a role. We also conduct field trips in which parents are welcome to  volunteer their time and attend with their children.

Your presence will not only deliver essential confidence to your child regarding his or her progress but also encourage learning process.

All of our toddlers play, eat, and sleep as per their individual schedules. Our teachers strive to provide loving, warm, and responsive care in an appropriate environment. All the teachers are trained and experienced to meet the specific emotional, social, and physical needs of your child. Our play school in Dubai stimulates physical and cognitive development through play and interactive care.

In our section of Play Group, we work on:

  • Perception and Sensory skills
  • Understanding and Improvement of Language
  • Self-awareness and Development
  • Emotional and Social Growth
  • Motor and Physical Skills

Kids Spot Nursery ensures that your child is ready to take a splendid leap to formal schools.