Fun-filled Day Care in Dubai

Day Care in Dubai

After school hours, leaving children at home can be difficult for working parents. All they need is a right kind of atmosphere which offers high level of facilities so that children stay creatively engaged in their free time.

At Kids Spot Nursery, your toddler will have fun in a comfortable and relaxed environment all day. The learning process is pleasurable at our day care in Dubai. We provide several programs at our nursery that ensure the safety of your child.

Activities for Your Child

We provide the freedom to play under careful supervision. Various structured activities are provided by experienced teachers to develop physical, emotional and social attributes.

Our loving teachers help your kid during snack time, nap time and play time.  Kids Spot Nursery is actually a home away from home.  The quality of care is provided by teachers while you can perform your daily task at work without being distracted.

Choose from the various daytime options that our day care in Dubai offers for your convenience.

Why You Should Choose Day Care?

Nursery schools are usually meant for children that are four and five years of age, but also offer programs for three year olds. Before this age, many parents prefer to take care of the child at home, using unstructured learning techniques such as playing with colors and drawing. There is a perfect option available for the busy parents in the form of daycare.

At Kids Spot Nursery, we strive to make sure that the very first step of your child leads towards the best. We are committed to providing the holistic approach in British Curriculum. We are considered one of the best day care in Dubai because we believe in a friendly atmosphere and creative activities to develop your child’s social, personal and physical attributes. These services are certain to help out parents that have full-time jobs, especially if they both are employed, or living as a single parent.

Our early stage British curriculum will provide the power of communication which helps your kid to become a successful member of society.

Aims of Our Day Care Center

When it comes to selecting a day care in Dubai, quality environment, and experienced teachers are crucial for the upbringing of your toddlers.

We at Kids Spot Nursery, encourage good cognitive and mental development by offering teamwork and cooperation skills in a friendly atmosphere.

We follow the guidelines of British National Early Years Curriculum, focusing on in-depth programme with unique planning and offer personal assessment for every kid. Kids Spot Nursery also offers facilities with varied learning environments such as outdoor play areas, role play section, and physical exercise zone with certified instructors.