Best Nursery Facilities in Dubai, UAE

Kids Spot Nursery has been specifically designed, developed and engineered around the needs of your child. The nursery is bright, airy and spacious, with three of our classrooms opening directly onto one of our indoor spaces, providing a free flow environment.

Here at Kids Spot Nursery we are lucky to have gardens which are safe and secure, with an organic vegetable patch which will be nurtured by staff and children. These learning experiences will introduce your child to understanding where the fruit and vegetables which they eat come from, promoting healthy eating within the nursery in Dubai.

As we are all aware, technology is becoming an everyday aspect of learning. With technology, innovative and improved methods of teaching allow teachers to promote learning and enhance the curriculum in the classroom. Children are able to explore the world around them and actively participate in their learning experience. Through the use of mediums like computers, smart tablets and whiteboards, children in our early childhood classrooms are able to develop their skills and effectively learn using diverse techniques.

At Kids Spot Nursery the rooms, equipment, resources and outdoor play facilities, ensure that children have constant access to a wide variety of activities and areas that support their development and learning.

Nursery Meals

Kids Spot Nursery offers a fully catered healthy and nutritious daily menu for the children’s morning snack and lunch, and for ‘Long Day Care,’ afternoon snack.

Meal times are very special social and etiquette experiences for the children and it is during the meal times that the children will learn many excellent behavioural qualities of life, such as patience and politeness. Plus of course, appropriate dining etiquette for their age groups.

Kids Spot Nursery in Jumeirah offers a freshly prepared hot cooked lunch for all the children. The menu is available upon request at the reception desk. Our lunch menu has a two week set menu and your children receive a highly nutritious and balanced diet. Due to the possibility of allergic reactions nuts are always excluded from our Nursery menu.


We provide a safe, comfortable, air-conditioned, and supervised transport service, one or two ways on a number of routes around Dubai. Nursery Transport fees are paid in advance every term along with the Tuition Fee. Transport Fees and Regulations are subject to change at any time..