Dubai’s Nursery

Kids Spot nursery is a community of children, families and teachers dedicated to growth and education through a path of fun, exploration and research making it one of the most unique nurseries in Dubai. Kids Spot nursery is focused on enhancing the learning and development of each child attending its nursery in Dubai through quality childhood care and training.

Dubai Nursery

The nursery follows a curriculum rooted towards growth of our young learners by catering to their physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs. We offer a systematic and organized ambiance that prepares our children for school by getting them into the grove of competitions; we encourage sharing, socializing and most importantly learning through fun. Our emphasis lays on recognizing the unique characteristics of every child at our nursery and use his/her set of skills as a foundation for development. Our approach to childcare starts by focusing on children from all angles supporting and encouraging them to face their daily challenges. Our learning approach allows children to learn from a variation of experiences, in an environment that presents them with unbound challenges and motivates them to make decisions from an early age.

Our nursery provides children with a friendly yet structured schedule by enlisting every detail from meals to play time and even naps. Our educational body including teachers and staff practice a system of creative teaching through play where a child learns to associate learning through an effective approach.