British Curriculum Nursery in Dubai

British Curriculum Nursery in Dubai

Kids Spot Nursery is dedicated to taking extra care of every preschooler in that attends. We believe that every child has individual needs, and we address them all. Our qualified teachers encourage your child to develop through learning. The preschooler education for the kids aged three and four years require important skills which result in the recognition of phonic sounds, and understanding of quantities, numbers, shapes and colors.

Cambridge International Examinations is used across the world, especially in the commonwealth and developing countries. Kids Spots Nursery is a renowned British nursery in Dubai which understands the importance of that system. Our curriculum is based on EYFS framework which provides an approved British early year foundation courses and methods for the nursery. We keep an eye over your child’s interest and individual strength by offering an environment full of freedom where your kid can play, explore and ignite his or her passion.

Educational Framework

All the schools in the country that fall under the foundation stage umbrella teach and train according to a framework. Our syllabus is designed by experts, specializing in child learning and development.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

A completely British-based education, this framework provides a variety of activities and themes to create new concepts and explore amazing ideas. The framework of our British curriculum nursery in Dubai encompasses following key areas of child development:

  • Emotional, social, and personal development
  • Understanding of the region and the world they live in
  • Mathematics development
  • Creative development through arts and design
  • Language, communication, and literacy
  • Physical development

The program refers to ages till four as the early years foundation stage are crucial to preparing children for formal academic settings.

The curriculum of our British nursery in Dubai incorporates the basic idea of fun-filled play activities which make attending preschool a welcoming and exciting experience.

Your child will be immersed in a productive English-speaking environment which is crafted by the qualified British teachers.

We offer

  • Professionals

Our teachers work in constant collaboration with parents. Our experts determine the crucial points and difficulties your child may face before joining Kids Spot Nursery. We are concerned about the development of your child that is why we have a team of experts with years of experience providing the opportunity to fully master languages, positive attitude, and cognitive skills.

  • Balanced Schedule

We don’t stress out your kid. Our British nursery in Dubai offers balanced schedule which motivates your child to perform to the best of his or her abilities.

 British Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on seven major areas, with the need to emphasize aspects like communication, physical development, and personal and social learning. Each one of these aspects plays an important role in orienting the child towards how to learn and express a critical thought.